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Bitdefender has worldwide presence, providing protection to 500 million machines. The anti-virus is calculated to conduct 11 billion security queries per day. It identifies and fixes the problems by neutralizing even the newest dangers that may be arising anywhere in less than 3 seconds. Antivirus is favored by homes and businesses in more than 150 countries. Having said this, it is also to be accepted that the antivirus is not free of problems and errors. To help thousands of customers across the world Bitdefender Customer Care plays an important role by offering meaningful and dependable solutions. The technical experts enable users to overcome errors and problems in using the software and enjoy the best benefits and protection the anti-virus can bring. Bitdefender antivirus Customer Service offers a plethora of services which any customer can access by dialling the toll free helpline number. Solutions are based upon the problems reported by the customers as well as any major issues that may be coming up in the form of threat to the protection offered by Bitdefender to its customers. The tech support team takes quick action as and when customers get in touch with them and ensure proper remedy of the issues reported. Here are some solutions offered by Bitdefender anti-virus Technical Support

This is not an issue to be worried upon. However, customers report this problem thinking that the anti-virus is the real cause behind the delayed loading of web pages. In situations the customer support team offers right advice to the users. The problem happens because when the computer is switched on the first thing that start is the anti-virus in order to trap and fix any virus or Malware that may be trying to harm the computer. Also, the problem in the delay of loading of web pages happens because all data needs to first pass through Bitdefender firewall before finding way to user's computer. However, the problem with ISP and the network cannot be ruled out. The issue can also be with the modem if it is not updated with the latest firmware. Customer would need to look into these issues and talk to the Internet service provider in case the computer becomes too slow.

This issue is usually reported by customers who system configuration does not meet the minimum system requirements of Bitdefender. To resolve this problem, customers should get in touch with Bitdefender Customer Support team and learn the minimum system requirements to run the software in their computer in an error free manner. Once the product is purchased, there is little that can be done. Customers wouldn't need to go for a product which would suit their system or improve the configuration of the computer. Bitdefender customer care team has complete knowledge about the various products that the company has an offer and can provide required guidance to use this as to which product would be most suitable for their computer and the requirements.

A common problem faced by Bitdefender customers is uninstallation of Bitdefender antivirus. Even after uninstalling Bitdefender pieces of the software remain within the computer, which create conflict later on with other applications. In such situations customer would need to resolve the problem completely in order to use their computer in a smooth and error-free manner. This issue can be resolved easily by on installing the software and then formatting the computer. After the computer is formatted all the remaining parts of Bitdefender are removed. This is a full proof solution and ensures complete solution for the problem. Customers can be sure that they will be able to get rid of the problems that are usually caused when pieces of the software are left and different types of errors and conflicts occur. However, some customers may not know how to complete the process on their own and in such situations they should call Bitdefender antivirus Support Number get step by step solutions required to uninstall Bitdefender completely from the computer.

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Customer report problems regarding mail delivery and virus protection when Bitdefender is installed in their computer. The problem is reported to be caused by Bitdefender antivirus plugin for the mail server. To be caused by Bitdefender antivirus plugin for the mail server. To resolve the issue first navigate to the top directory and then locate the folder named plugins and delete the folder. Now double click on avupdate.exe to trigger an update. This will take several minutes. If Bitdefender is temporarily disabled let mail to flow. Enable Bitdefender anti-virus and implement the change. Once AV update.exe start and completes, restart IMail SMTP and queue manager services.

A number of customers have reported that they face problems in sending mails after Bitdefender is updated. The solution for this problem can be resolved with temporarily disabling automatic updates. To do this one has to go to the Bitdefender antivirus settings through the admin console. After that, they should and check the enable automatic updates present in the updates and licensing section and then choose apply. One can also apply the updates manually if required. After the process is completed one needs to test mail delivery to ensure that the update process is complete and successful. This will resolve the problem related to delivery of emails after Bitdefender is updated. However, if the process does not resolve the problem one should contact Bitdefender antivirus Technical Support for more solutions and help.

Bitdefender latest updates are meant to work with Windows 10. However, if you are not in latest release you will face problems related to Windows 10 update with Bitdefender. If you find that Bitdefender is not responding after Windows 10 update then you should look for latest updates that will work with Windows 10. If you do not receive any notification for updates then you should visit the website of Bitdefender and search for updates. If any updates are available you should download and install the updates. In case this does not work you can clean uninstall Bitdefender from your computer and then reinstall it. If you are not able to resolve the problem with these solutions you should contact the You can contact the team by dialing the Bitdefender antivirus Phone Number which is available 24 hours and 365 days.

Installing Bitdefender update is not at all difficult if you know the right way to do it. From time to time with defender notifies customers to install updates. Customers just need to click on the notification and the updates will be downloaded and installed automatically. However, there are certain things to be kept in mind while doing the installation. All other applications should be closed during the installation process and the installation should happen without any interruptions. It is also important to check the speed of Internet as slow Internet speed will lead to errors and the updates may not happen properly. After the update is completed customers should reboot that system. If there are any more problems or difficulties in installing Bitdefender updates, customers can dial Bitdefender antivirus support number immediately and resolve their problems.

When Bitdefender is installed in your computer it scans and checks all the files with Bitdefender Cloud Server. The files which are checked or only suspicious portable executable files. Finger print is created for the file by Bitdefender endpoint security agent. Through this process and abstract fingerprint is created which is then checked against Bitdefender cloud services repository to check if it is a Malware or not. This process ensures that the actual data from the file is not source and only the checking is done through the Abstract fingerprint. The file itself is not removed or copied or sourced from the company database. Customer’s privacy is intact for this reason.

This to do this you have to open the Bitdefender window and then click the settings button on the upper toolbar. In the settings overview window you have to choose antivirus. In the antivirus settings choose the exclusions tab. After that, make sure exclusions for files is turned on by selecting the switch. Select excluded files and folders link. Choose the add button, located at the top of exclusions table. Choose browse, and then select the folder that you want to be excluded from scanning and then choose ok. Choose add and then select ok to save the changes and then close the window. This is the exact and step by step process to exclude any file from scanning in Bitdefender. We provide more solutions and help if customers get in touch with us via the toll free helpline number.

Sometimes, customers may want to scan a particular file or folder and not the entire computer. To do this they can follow an easy process. They should first right click the object we want to scan and then select scan with Bitdefender from the available menu. And then select scan with Bitdefender from the available menu in order to finish the scan, all the need to do is follow the anti-virus scan wizard. Customers may want to scan a particular file or folder separately if they suspect a specific file or folder to be infected with virus or Malware. This process also comes useful when customers with download particular files from Internet and scanning the files after download can ensure that it to be safe and free from any dangerous infection. Also, one may we want to scan a network share before copying files to their computer.

bitdefender tech support

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